Starter/Incubator Grants for 2018

The Peri-Peri project: the role of pericytes in placental function and perinatal outcomes
Project Team: Dr Brad Sutherland, Prof Peter Dargaville and Dr Lindsay Edwards.

Continuous infusion of cephalosporins in elastomeric devices: physical, chemical and microbial stability
Project Team: Dr Rahul Patel, Dr Syed Tabish R Zaidi, Mr Troy Wanandy and Dr Louise Cooley.

Cardiac Rehabilitation for the Secondary prevention of Stroke (CARESS)
Project Team: Dr Seana Gall, Dr Michele Callisaya, Dr Martin Schultz, Mr Berhe Sahle and Assoc Prof Helen Castley.

Cystic Fibrosis: Investigating the acute stage of infection by Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Project Team: Dr Mark Ambrose, Dr  Sean Beggs and Mr James O’Brien.

Assessment of the Basophil Activation Test as a tool for monitoring therapeutic responses to Jack Jumper Ant Venom Immunotherapy
Project Team: Mr Troy Wanandy, Dr Emily Mulcahy and Dr Wun Yee Lau.


Project Grants for 2018

Functional interrogation of a novel locus associated with the development of Giant Cell Arteritis
Project Team: Assoc Prof Alex Hewitt, Mr Kristof Wing and Dr Joseph Powell.

Childhood and adulthood determinants knee cartilage health assessed using biomarkers
Project Team: Dr Benny Eathakkattu Antony, Prof Changhai Ding, Prof Graeme Jones, Prof Alison Venn, Prof John Burgess, Assoc Prof Udayan Ray and Assoc Prof Venkat Parameswaran.

A Clinical and Biospecimens Prostate Cancer Resource for Biomarker Research in Tasmania
Project team: Dr Liesel FitzGerald, Assoc Prof Joanne Dickinson, Dr Marketa Skala, Mr Brian Stokes, Dr Shaun Donovan, Dr Roslyn Malley, Dr Frank Redwig, Dr Adele Holloway and Dr Phillippa Taberlay.

The modulation of multiple sclerosis (MS) relapse risk by genetic variations in the LRP2 gene
Project Team: Dr Yuan Zhou, Prof Bruce Taylor, Dr Jac Charlesworth and Assoc Prof Kathryn Burdon.

Demonstration of therapeutic protection of human cystic fibrosis (CF) respiratory cells against bacterial-mediated inflammation and cell death
Project Team: Dr Sean Beggs, Dr Louise Roddam and Ms Joanne Pagnon.

Can anti-diabetic agents improve blood flow and outcome following stroke in type 2 diabetes?
Project Team: Dr Dino Premilovac, Dr Brad Sutherland, Prof John Burgess, Prof David Howells, Assoc Prof Lisa Foa and Assoc Prof Michelle Keske.


Major Project Grant for 2018-20

Identifying pathological pathways and putative therapeutics for the treatment of nervous system pathology in people with Multiple Sclerosis
Project Team: Dr Kimberley Pitman, Dr Kaylene Young, Prof Bruce Taylor, Dr Jac Charlesworth and Assoc Prof Alex Hewitt.

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