Starter Grants 

Non-conventional antimicrobial testing of emerging pathogens should more accurately predict antibiotic susceptibility for informing patient management
Project Team: Dr Louise Roddam, Assoc Prof Sean Beggs, Dr Mark Ambrose, Dr Roslyn Malley,
Ms Emily Mulcahy and Ms Joanne Pagnon.

Investigating the anti-inflammatory effect of a non-anticoagulant molecule of heparin following experimental traumatic brain injury
Project Team: Dr Nicole Bye, Prof Bruce Taylor and Dr Rahul Patel.

Does hospital opioid prescribing increase the risk of chronic opioid use?
Project Team: Ms Felicity Veal, Dr Chris Orlikowski, Mr Peter Boyles, Mr Sam Halliday,
Assoc Prof Luke Bereznicki, Mr Angus Thompson and Dr Emma Huckerby.

Tracking the origin and spread of hospital-acquired infections using whole-genome sequencing
Project Team: Dr Ronan O'Toole and Dr Louise Cooley.

Does vitamin D supplementation have long-term effects on knee osteoarthritis?
Project Team: Dr Benny Eathakkattu Antony, Prof Changhai Ding, Prof John Burgess and
Dr Zhaohua Zhu.

Variability in plasma concentrations of glucosamine in osteoarthritis patients taking various glucosamine formulations
Project Team: Prof Gregory Peterson, Prof Graeme Jones, Dr Rahul Patel, Dr Syed Tabish R Zaidi and Mrs Chhavi Asthana.

Identifying novel genetic loci associated with an increased relapse rate and disability progression in multiple sclerosis
Project Team: Mr Yuan Zhou and Prof Bruce Taylor.

Establishment Grants

Investigating the utility of retinal Base-Editing
Project Team: Assoc Prof Alex Hewitt, Dr Guei-Sheung Liu and Dr Anthony Cook.

Understanding the human ischemic cascade: Improving the process of drug development for cerebral ischemia
Project Team: Prof David Howells, Dr Emma Eaton, Assoc Prof Mirella Dottori and Prof Peter Dargaville.

Clinical and metabolic factors and imaging abnormalities in chronic plantar heel pain
Project team: Prof Graeme Jones, Mr Jason Rogers, Prof Tania Winzenberg, Prof Jill Cook and Dr Andrew Halliday.

Investigation of loss and gain at chromosome 7p21 in a Tasmanian hereditary prostate cancer family 
Project Team: Dr Liesel FitzGerald, Assoc Prof Joanne Dickinson, Dr Roslyn Malley, Dr Shaun Donovan, Ms Karen Dun, Mr Giuseppe (Joe) Diano, Dr Marketa Skala and Dr Frank Redwig.

Investigating Batten disease-causing CLN3 mutations in patient-specific stem cells and neurons
Project Team: Dr Anthony Cook, Dr Tyson Ware, Assoc Prof Alex Hewitt and Dr Anna King.

Project Grant for 2017-19

Paving the way for future stroke drug development: creating a new gold-standard model of stroke
Project Team: Dr Lila Landowski, Prof David Howells, Dr Helen Castley, Dr Brad Sutherland and
Dr Matthew Kirkcaldie.

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Johns Group Tasmania