Our Research

The RHH Research Foundation was established twenty years ago as an independent entity to raise funds which are then invested in a competitive grants program designed to support and promote local health and medical research.

Since its inception in 1997,  the Foundation has awarded over $7m to fund a variety of local research investigations aimed at benefitting the health and wellbeing of Tasmanians, with a focus on those diseases and conditions most relevant to the Tasmanian community.

Recently, the Foundation moved to also fund a new style of competitive grants program - a larger Project Grant offered over a period of three years, establishing a new team-based Project Grant each year.  This significantly increases our investment in high quality local health and medical research.

Our larger Project Grant is designed, amongst other things, to build local research capacity and enable research collaboration across disciplines and amongst researchers at various stages of their career path, particularly through alignment/partnership with other research experts, groups, centres and commercial bodies.

In 2016 alone, the Foundation awarded just over $610,000 to fund twelve grants, comprising annual funding of six Starter Grants and five Establishment Grants, together with our second large three year Project Grant.

We aim to take a leadership role, working with others involved in medical research in Tasmania. It is essential that these and future projects are fully supported with all the necessary material and financial resources - our purpose is to facilitate and build capacity for local medical research.  In selecting successful submissions through a highly competitive grant review process, the RHH Research Foundation pursues a rigorous assessment process.  Funds are allocated on the basis of merit which is assessed against a guiding set of principles and research priorities.  This annual process adopts a nationally-accepted approach predicated on competitive review by its Scientific Research Advisory Committee (SRAC), a multidisciplinary panel which draws upon diverse membership and is endorsed by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

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