Meet the Researcher - Dr Viet Tran

Tuesday, 27 October 2020 - 1:58pm

You may have spotted Dr Viet Tran in local media over the last few months, speaking about the current “Kids are not Okay” project generously funded by a Tasmanian family with teenagers. Viet is a fantastic communicator who is highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about local research and how this impacts upon the health and wellbeing of all Tasmanians.

Dr Viet Tran is an Emergency Physician & Director of Emergency Medicine Research at the Royal Hobart Hospital.  What you might not know about Viet is that in addition to juggling this high level clinical career, he is also a proud dad. He is a University of Tasmania graduate who spent his formative emergency medicine career in Queensland sharpening his craft. In 2015 however, he was drawn back to Tasmania to finish his training, bringing his young family with him to a place he said he “absolutely loves and calls home.”

While admitting that a day in the life of being ‘dad’ can be both unpredictable and busy, in his day-to-day work at the RHH Dr Tran manages everything from major trauma, heart attacks and strokes, to sprained ankles and foreign objects in eyes and noses! But within this chaos of physical injury, he has also first-hand seen a rise in mental health related presentations, including in young people.

Through a collaborative opportunity with a group known as the Paediatric Research in Emergency Departments International Collaborative (PREDICT) and with the generous support of a new RHHRF Project Grant in 2020, Dr Tran now has the opportunity to investigate why these trends are occurring, how the health service is currently caring for these young Tasmanians, and what areas need to be focused on in future research in order to help our kids.

In addition to the immediate benefits of this research, Dr Tran also believes that it will help evolve Emergency Medicine research in Tasmania through collaborative opportunities and the mentorship provided by internationally recognised researchers within PREDICT.

When Dr Tran is not consumed by the hustle and bustle of the RHH Emergency Department, or at home spending time with his family, he can be found next door at the Hobart Clinical School (based within the University of Tasmania’s School of Medicine) teaching the next generation of doctors how to manage and care for sick patients. As Acting Faculty Chair and Deputy Regional Censor, Dr Tran also has education and advocacy roles within the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine, the entity that is responsible for training emergency specialists, as well as advancing professional standards in Emergency Medicine in Australia and New Zealand.

While COVID times have certainly had the Hospital’s frontline staff busy, Dr Tran and his team are continuing to make great progress with this important study. We look forward to sharing further outcomes in a future issue of Quest.

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