'Jump in to Save a Life' - YOU did it!

Wednesday, 17 January 2018 - 2:34pm

We are delighted to announce that with YOUR incredible support we have reached our $10k target for the 'Jump in to Save a Life' appeal, funding the next stage of research into Jack Jumper Venom Allergy.

Thank you ALL for your generous contributions, and for continuing to support better health for Tasmanians through research. 

The Basophil Activation Test for Jack Jumper ant venom allergy is a research project that we are extremely passionate about. In partnership with researchers in Adelaide, Troy Wanandy and his team at the Royal Hobart Hospital are currently working on a blood test, called the Basophil Activation Test. This test will advance our understanding of whether the treatment for allergic reactions to Jack Jumper ant stings is effective and provides particular value in predicting the chance of patients having allergic side-effects while receiving the treatment.

This test is just one of many research investigations that we currently support, if you would like to find out more, or find out how you can make a donation contact the RHH Research Foundation on 03 6166 1319 or via research@rrhresearchfoundation.org.

Click the image below to see the WIN News Tasmania feature on our success!