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'Jump' in to save a Life

'Jump' in to save a life - Raising funds to support the Jack Jumper Program

‘Jump in to Save a Life’ Update

Just as Jack Jumper Ants never seem to rest, the team at the Jack Jumper Allergy Program have been busy working away since our ‘Jump in to Save a Life' campaign.

We are extremely excited to report back on the progress of developing the new ‘Basophil Activation Test’ (BAT), and also to let you know of some additional unexpected but positive outcomes!

As a quick and easy blood test, the BAT is currently being trialled with participants and we are delighted to share that so far there has been a 100% success rate. Simply put, each participant who was administered the test in this trial gave results that the clinicians and doctors were anticipating, confirming some great clinical outcomes as predicted by their research investigation.

Importantly, this means the team at the RHH’s Jack Jumper Clinic are now poised to potentially become more effective in determining how their patients are likely to respond to the program of desensitisation, including the level of protection they are likely to gain and whether they may experience side effects from the process of desensitisation.

An additional example of just how useful the test can be was demonstrated by a patient who presented at the Jack Jumper Clinic at the RHH, but who wasn’t actually sure what type of insect had bitten them, causing their adverse reaction to ‘something bitey’. Using the BAT, clinicians were able to determine that in this case, the Jack Jumper ant wasn’t the culprit! Instead, they were able to give valuable feedback to the patient to help determine their current course of treatment and also some helpful behavioural approaches for the future.

If you would like to continue to support the Foundation on its research journey into the future, helping to improve the lives of so many across our community, We would encourage you to join our Regular Giving Program and become a ‘RHHRF Champion’.

You can take heart that your ongoing contribution will strengthen local research right here on our island home, helping us to invest directly into an outstanding grants program that is solely focused on improving the health of everyday Tasmanians and keeping our clinicians at the very peak of their practice.  Your gifts into our grant program fund doctors, nurses, physios, pharmacists, speech pathologists, dieticians and psychologists – the list goes on.  The entire history of our investment into our annual grant program appears on our website – we’re proud of what our clinical researchers have achieved, we think you will be too. 

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RHH Research Foundation 'Jump' in to Save a Life

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